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RRP: £5.99
0-5 yrs
The Night The Lights Went Out
by Anna Perera
Rana is brushing her teeth when the lights go out, leaving her in a darkness as wide as an ocean...
But when the lights go on again Rana misses the warm, cosy darkness.
Reviews of The Night The Lights Went Out

‘Nice lyrical test and unusual illustrations . . . An original approach to fear of the dark’
 (Letterbox Library)

‘The illustrations by Carl Pearce are outstanding, some of the best we've seen in a children's book . . . The darkness is presented as an ocean, just as it seems to Rana, and the scenes of the night-time snack exude warmth and love. Together with it's calm ending, this makes for a perfect bedtime story’
 (Small Print Books)