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RRP: £5.99
7-9 yrs
The Julian Stories
by Ann Cameron
Never leave a yummy pudding lying around!

Dad makes a pudding that tastes like a whole raft of lemons and a night on the sea. But then he does something really silly. He goes for a nap and leaves Julian in charge. Bad idea.

Before he knows it, Julianís in a sticky situation. And thatís just one of his many adventures, which involve catalogue cats, cave-boy teeth . . . and a new next-door neighbour!
Reviews of The Julian Stories

‘Cameron is a virtuoso storyteller with a gift for revealing the heart and soul of childhood in her stories.’
 (Parents Magazine)

‘Cameron's words sing and the relationships are lovingly in tune.’
 (Chicago Sun-Times)

‘One of the author's strengths is her ability to impart such lessons as an older sibling's responsibility for a younger one and the meaning of friendship.’
 (Essence Magazine)