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RRP: £7.99
12+ yrs
Now is the Time for Running
by Michael Williams
Winner of the 2014 UKLA Award

Deo is a great footballer, a fierce protector of his older brother, Innocent. His brother is easily nervous, easily happy but good at keeping score on the dusty fields of Zimbabwe where the boys play.

Then Mugabe's soldiers come, destroying the only home the boys have known. Now, Deo has nothing but his brother, and a football stuffed with billions of worthless dollars. And so starts their journey to find their father. But with soldiers everywhere, they have only one chance to cross the border, one chance to escape.

In face of such a challenge, it is Deo's brotherly love that endures, his belief that he will lead them both to safety. Micheal Williams's is a masterful storyteller who pulls you along the journey of a lifetime. Deo and Innocent's journey is a universal story of hope in the face of despair, and the search for a better life.
Reviews of Now is the Time for Running

‘A tough and heart-rending story, but one that needs telling’

‘A wonderfully written, thought-provoking novel. . . It deserves a wide audience.’
 (Bali Rai)

‘From the dusty fields of Zimbabwe to the refugee camps of South Africa, this is a heartbreaking, unputdownable tale of prejudice, resilience and brotherly love.’
Fiona Noble (The Bookseller)

‘Gripping, suspenseful and deeply compassionate’
 (Kirkus Review)

‘Gut-wrenching . . . plenty of material to captivate readers: fast-paced soccer matches every bit as tough as the players . . . heartbreaking twists of fate, that will endure in readers' minds’
 (Publishers Weekly)

‘I found this story incredibly troubling and moving; Deo and Innocent will stay with you.’
Clare Poole (The Bookseller)

‘The triumph of human endeavour against a harrowing landscape... A gripping, powerful tale that will more than touch your soul. Quite simply, this story needs to be read.’
 (Jason Wallace, multi-award-winning author of 'Out of Shadows')

‘This is a moving and important story about the brutality that takes place when dictators rule and hatred mounts. But it is ultimately uplifting when, united by football, a group of South African refugees reach the Street Soccer World Cup final.’
Vanessa Lewis (Bookseller)

‘Wonderful. A must-read for anyone who loves international YA fiction . . . very brave’