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RRP: £5.99
9-11 yrs
Malorie Blackman Biography
by Verna Wilkins
This book tells Malorie's story, from her school years and business studies at university to her career in computing and her family life. It includes an interview and the journey to becoming a successful writer.
Reviews of Malorie Blackman Biography

‘Full marks to Tamarind for their excellent Black Stars series. Children need positive role models and this, precisely, is what the series will provide. Highly recommended’
 (Scholastic Junior Education)

‘The Black Stars series teaches children a very important lesson - never give up on your dreams’

‘Young readers are implicitly advised to follow their dreams and have confidence in themselves; and there are explicit warnings not to be bound by your own or other people's low expectations. These messages would have relevance to any child coming from a disadvantaged background or lacking self-esteem’
 (Books for Keeps)